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Recycling With Break It Down Austin

Break-It-Down_Austin-logoI recently found myself staring out of the doorway to my office at a giant stack of boxes and old vinyl banners. They had been staring at me for weeks asking me, in my mind, what was to become of them. The boxes weren’t a problem and were dispatched quickly when I finally sprung into action, but the banners were another matter.

I opened our storage closet to find a quiet place for them to die and unearthed another wealth of vinyl banners that had been collecting dust for years. Another quick look around the office revealed more vinyl banners that had been furtively stashed in closets, left in isolated corners, or hidden behind furniture. See, they’re too big and pricey to just be trash, but once a banner proclaiming, “Welcome to the 2008 _____” has been used, it’s done. But they’re hard to just toss, so they all get…”stored”. Not wanting to store them any longer and feeling awful about the prospect of just tossing out 30 large vinyl banners, I decided to find out if there was anybody that could recycle them.

The local print shops that produce these banners seemed like a good place to start, but turned out to be a pretty fruitless endeavor that yielded no leads. So, I went to the interwebs and a brief search led me to an article about a partnership between a Whole Foods in North Carolina and a local recycling agency called the Barefoot Press. The article was from 2008, but they were definitely recycling vinyl and it seemed like a pretty good possibility that it was still going on. I decided to call the Whole Foods in Austin to see if a similar program had been initiated here.

At Whole Foods, I was eventually channeled to a lovely woman whose name has now disappeared along with the yellow sticky note it was written on. (Sorry for the journalistic oversight.) Anyway, we had a brief conversation where she knew nothing of a program of that nature in Austin but agreed to look into the matter and get back to me with any information she found. I had little hope of hearing back from her. There was really nothing to be gained by her helping me. It turns out I was quite wrong, though. My Whole Foods contact did call back, the next day, and informed me that Whole Foods had recently unloaded some vinyl banners of their own to a new recycling agency called Break It Down Austin (@BreakItDownAustin) and provided me with the contact information for Jeff Paine.

I spoke briefly with Jeff and he agreed to take our vinyl banners and I obliged him. Perhaps this is an overly verbose way to thank Jeff at Break It Down Austin and Whole Foods for their time and efffort, but I wanted to make sure and let everyone know that there is now a place in Austin to recycle your vinyl banners. This is a big deal for us, because we use vinyl banners for all of our events and we hate to create trash if there is another option. So, please take your own used banners to the nice people at Break It Down Austin. Thanks Jeff!


John-Scott Horton
Director of Marketing, Skillpoint Alliance

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