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Mayoral Candidate Brewster McCracken Announces Video Contest Winner

Austin mayoral candidate Brewster McCracken announced the winner of his advertising campaign contest, “Your City, Your Vision, Your Ad” earlier this month. The contest was judged by local filmmakers including Richard Linklater and Robert Rodriguez and allowed Austinites to create their own commercial outlining their vision for Austin.

The winning ad, entitled “Weird Dream,” is described by The Austin Chronicle as a “slickly-produced clip hewing closely to McCracken orthodoxy – green jobs, digital entertainment…” It boasts some of Austin’s many fetes, such as being a leader in “the green revolution” and encourages Austin to continue to “dream weird.”

Skillpoint’s Digital Media Council (DMC) was excited to hear about this competition, which encourages local film makers to participate in the dialogue and create new projects.

“It’s exciting to see politicians using their campaign as a platform for local artists and filmmakers to show off their work,” Kristy Bowden, director of the DMC, said. “All of the submissions were fabulous and I can’t wait to see the winner’s ad air on TV.”

And in case you’re wondering how all of this fits into and is allowed in a political campaign, a press release issued by the McCracken camp at the launch of the contest explained that “because the airtime will be purchased with campaign funds, finance rules require the campaign to add disclosures to the winning ad before it is aired. However, this is not a “Brewster for Mayor” competition.  It is a creative competition.  Entries should not include mentions or visuals of any candidate – including McCracken.”

Be sure to check out all of the finalists at McCracken’s Web site.

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