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Preparing for Census, a Look at Community Planning

As the US Census Bureau gears up for Census 2010, city planners and community leaders brace for the impacts of a changing nation on community building.

Another nonprofit, The National Association of Planning Councils, will host its ninth annual conference in Austin on March 2-4 at the Hyatt on Town Lake. Below we’ve included the details of the events.


MONDAY, March 2nd: Preparing for the impact of the new Census changes on community planning featuring:


Susan Schechter, Chief, American Community Survey Office 

Karl Eschbach, Demographer for the State of Texas

Ryan Robinson, Demographer for the City of Austin

Mark Salling, Director of the Northern Ohio Data & Information Service in The Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs at Cleveland State University; The Center for Community Solutions

Sarah Eckhardt, Travis County Commissioner

*Census event is free for local participants with RSVP to vsarria@austinisd.org.


Also “Community Planning 101” and “Tapping the Mature Workforce-Baby Boomer Retirees Seeking Encore Careers in Nonprofits” featuring:


Ben Warner, President, NAPC; Deputy Director, JCCI (Jacksonville, FL)

Martha Blaine, leader of NAPC’s Mature Workforce Initiative; Board member, NAPC; Executive Director, Community Council of Greater Dallas (Dallas, TX)


TUESDAY, March 3rd:  The new “big picture”, the emerging scene following the national elections, the economic crisis, global and national trends driving community change, public policy for short-term and long-term improvements, and community implications featuring:


Jerry Friedman, Director, American Public Human Services Association

Heidi Shierholz, PHD, Labor Economist and Co-Author with Larry Mishel of “The State of Working America,” Economic Policy Institute (EPI), Washington, D.C.


WEDNESDAY, March 4th: Using 21st century technology to solve 21st century problems…tools you can implement immediately to improve information gathering, analysis, policy development, presentation of information to the community, advocacy, and community engagement featuring:


Dr. Philip Huang, MD, MPH, Medical Director, Austin/Travis County Health & Human Services Department

Jim Walker, Executive Director of the Central Texas Sustainability Indicators Project; Children’s Optimal Health

Frances P. Deviney, PhD, Texas KIDS COUNT Director, Center for Public Policy Priorities


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