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Save the Date for Explore UT

Skillpoint would like to pass on the following information about Explore UT, the campus-wide open house at the University of Texas at Austin. This is a great opportunity for middle and high school students to get excited about learning and to realize education can create enormous possibilities for their lives.


Explore UT: A Fun Look at College and Careers


What: “Explore UT: The Biggest Open House in Texas!”

When: Saturday, March 7, 2009, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Where: The University of Texas at Austin

Who’s invited: Students K-12, teachers, and families. Everyone is welcome

Cost: Free, no sign-up for activities. You arrange your food and transportation.

Web site: www.utexas.edu/events/exploreut


Students can choose from more than 400 learning activities on campus. Here are some of the most popular learning activities every year:

         watch robot dogs play soccer,

         participate in a trial of “Gold E. Locks” with a real judge presiding,

         assemble a miniature solar-powered car,

         deliver the TV news in a real TV studio,

         build a bridge with engineering software,

         march with the Longhorn Band,

         see some of the world’s finest Latin American art in the Blanton Art Museum.


Here are some new activities that we’re adding this year:

         What FDR Might Tell Obama: Watch a depression-era president offer his advice.

         Facebook – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Learn how to use it safely.

         Capture that Gas: Learn why carbon dioxide is increasing in the atmosphere.

         Computer Mapping: Find your way around the world using an advanced geographic information system.

         Paradox of the Hungry and Obese: Learn why many of the poor are often overweight and what can be done.

         Engineers for a Sustainable World: Explore projects such as sand filters and home-made windmills.

         Solarean: Check out this prototype of a solar-powered vehicle.

         Emotional Editing: Learn how editors use music and graphics to make films sing and dance.

         Lights! Camera! Action: Watch University students rehearse and film a TV drama.

         Student Rights: Learn why schools can prescribe a dress code without violating constitutional rights.


Plus, your students can interact with University students to get “the real scoop” about college life and learn about careers in such fields as architecture, business, communication, law, pharmacy, computer science, engineering, and education.


The goal is to get students – as young as elementary school age – excited about learning and see enormous possibilities for their lives. It offers enrichment in science, the arts, literature and language, and it’s a great motivator for students whose families have never been to college.


For a better idea of what Explore UT is like, request a printed program from last year. These 28 pages contain descriptions of lots of activities that will stimulate and challenge students. It also contains a map that shows how the campus will be divided into color-coded, Disneyland-type “realms of discovery.”


You can also request a DVD showing students participating in Explore UT 2007. Just send us your mailing address, and we’ll send you a copy.


Spread the Word to Parents and Families

We can send you a PDF file of this year’s Explore UT flyer. Feel free to distribute copies to parents.


Remember: Explore UT is free, and there’s no registration for activities. You just come and explore.


Bus Registration Underway

Plan a field trip for your group. Register buses online at the University’s Explore UT Web site: http://www.utexas.edu/events/exploreut/bus.html  Registering your buses helps us plan parking and welcoming activities. By return email, you will receive a map for your bus driver and information about arranging lunch in a residence hall. Lunch is $5.75 a person. Of course, you may bring sack lunches for a picnic on campus or buy food from campus vendors.


Questions? Please call or email: Barbara Langham, 512-346-2261, blangham@austin.utexas.edu


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