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Skillpoint Celebrates Inauguration Day

Skillpoint staff celebrated the swearing-in of the 44th president, Barack Obama, this morning. Staff gathered in the Grand Salon to watch a live feed on-line of the inauguration ceremonies. The excitement in the room energized the staff as hopes for the next four years intensify.

As Skillpoint seeks to build bridges between industry, education and the community, staff members look to the Obama administration to usher in a new era of sustainable industries and education reform.

Lainie Duro, Managing Director of CTTC, can’t wait to see what the Obama team does to improve transparency in government and improve access to technology for low-income Americans. “Change.gov’s got me really excited and hopeful,” Duro said. “My number one technology wish is for national access to high-speed Internet. It should be commoditized, just like phone and water lines,” she said.

Carol Wright, VP of Education, said that she hopes the Obama administration will improve the quality of public education in the United States. “Tomorrow will need more employees in the math and sciences industries,” Wright said. “We need to better prepare students to enter the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM),” she said.

Several of Skillpoint’s programs encourage students to enter those fields, such as TEEC’s Step Up! Program for middle school students.

On the night of such celebration and joy, Skillpoint staff look to the future and will remain steadfast in their dedication to industry, education and the community.

(Courtesy Reuters/Jim Young)

(Courtesy Reuters/Jim Young)

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