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Skillpoint Staff to Volunteer at FAFSA Saturdays

Skillpoint staff will volunteer their time over the next 12 weeks at Financial Aid Federal Student Application (FAFSA) Saturdays, a series of events that “assist students preparing to enroll in college this for fall semester 2008 in completing their FAFSA by March 31 or earlier.” Hosted by The Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, along with partners from the education and business community, FAFSA Saturdays pair Greater Austin area high school seniors with volunteers that can assist them in filing their FAFSA correctly, ensuring the students will be eligible to receive federal aid.


Notorisously confusing, current Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings stated during a Sept. 19 2006 speech that “For the typical household, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, is longer and more complicated than the federal tax return.”

The service provided to students at FAFSA Saturdays is a vital component of the Chamber’s commitment to “help keep college affordable by improving access to available financial aid.” The Chamber explains that, “because FAFSA is so cumbersome and because college costs have been accelerating, there is a high correlation between completion of FAFSA and enrollment in post-secondary education, especially for low-income students.”

Though training for 2009 volunteers is now closed, you can still get involved by sending high school seniors in need of assistance to one of 19 FAFSA Saturdays. Find more information, including the list of participating districts and campuses, at The Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce’s Web site.




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