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Protect Yourself from a Layoff

layoffThe Bureau of Labor Statistics reported earlier this month that during the month of December, the unemployment rate hit 7.2 percent, a 16 year high. This kind of news leaves nearly everyone employed worrying about their job’s security and serves as a cruel reminder to those finding themselves unemployed. Thankfully, CNN Money and Fortune magazine provide eight tips to recession-proof your job.

1. “Think of ways to generate revenues or cut costs.” A great way to add value to your company is to bring in new business. If you aren’t in a position to win a new client or account, make a visible effort to reduce monthly expenses and cull wasteful spending.

2. “Be visible.” Work up the courage to introduce yourself to upper management whenever you come in contact with them. Often, during executive meetings to determine whom to let go, the chances are worse if those around the table do not know your name or your contributions.

3. “Talk up your contributions.” This is not the time to be modest. Make sure your superiors and upper management know what value you bring to the table. Though the number of staff may decrease, the workload does not. To prepare for this, begin volunteering for extra projects now. Your boss will notice you going above and beyond and will see how well you can handle the load.

4. “Keep a broad perspective.”  Be proactive in looking for these opportunities to volunteer for additional work.

5. “Get your skills up to date.” It is vital that your skills meet your employer’s demands. Take time out of your busy schedule to return to CTTC classes and brush up on your business acumen.

6. “No whining allowed.” Though the office may be gloomy after a layoff, keep a smile on your face. Negative, gossipy people will be the first to be let go next time.

7. “Never stop networking.” Keep in touch with past colleagues in person, over the phone, or on-line at professional networking sites like LinkedIn. Your best in at a new job is a personal connection.

8. “Update your resume and start thinking where else you may like to work.” Anyone registered with CTTC may call CTTC’s Workforce Development Coordinator, Pamela Webber, at 323-6773 ext. 108 for help updating your resume and improving your interviewing skills at no cost.

For more information, you can find the whole article here.

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