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Digital Media Council Welcomes Twisted Pixel to Austin

Kristy Bowden, program director of Skillpoint Alliance’s Digital Media Council, is thrilled to hear Twisted Pixel Games LLC, a video game developer, will move its developers to Austin by the end of this year.

As the Austin Business Journal (ABJ) reported today, “the two-year-old Pixel considered several cities for its studio.” The ABJ quotes CEO Michael Wilford in explaining the company’s pick. “Austin’s reputation as a digital media powerhouse and magnet for skilled game developers had the greatest influence on our decision to join the Austin gaming community,” Wilford said.

Bowden thinks Twisted Pixel’s move and growth is indicative of the strength of the gaming industry. “Entertainment is recession-proof,” Bowden said. “This is just further proof that for every studio that fails, three more rise up in its place.”

The ABJ reports that Twisted Pixel will bring 15 new jobs to Austin this year and expects that number to reach 25 by 2012. The news that another employer is moving to Austin and bringing with it jobs excites Bowden. “Twisted Pixel will be another employer we can send graduates to and strengthen the industry base here in town,” she said.

The DMC looks forward to building partnerships with Twisted Pixel after their move to Austin.

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  1. October 28, 2010 at 3:47 pm

    it jobs are very much in demand these days because of technology boom~;~

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